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Everything about the process was fishy and disingenuous. The most obvious and glaring lie was a Photoshopped image of a property for sale. It's winter, and the yard is currently covered in snow, so I guess she thought the altered image wouldn't be caught. However, after looking at the home for the second time, the "green" gardening border along the fence for growing plants, which I had fallen in love with in the photo, turned out to be about 4 times narrower than the photo showed. The summer-time photo actually had that area digitally altered, and upon closer inspection it's obviously cloned. (This is in reference to photo #29 for the property at 2801 Claflin Avenue in the Bronx.)

Other than that, she was extremely unpleasant and high pressure, demanding immediate responses with ridiculous same-day deadlines for a process that normally takes months.

She claimed her seller had "tossed aside" a "better offer" in favor of ours, and as such wanted us to decide everything ASAP. Supposedly the "better offer" had a lower down payment, so she somehow convinced the seller in our favor just because of our higher down payment? I highly doubt anyone would accept "significantly" less total money when the scale is hundreds of thousands of dollars, for a couple of thousand more as a down payment.

After she said the seller accepted our offer we paid for a home inspection, and I noticed the discrepancy between the photographs and the actual back yard. I ended up mentioning that I felt lied to due to the Photoshopped image misrepresenting the property. She said she "took offense" to that, and that the seller has decided to go back to negotiating with the other potential buyer.

So either way she's lying through her teeth and misrepresenting the real estate she's attempting to sell. She's also clearly working with a different definition of "accepted offer" than what is commonly used in real estate. My husband and I have wasted our time, taken time off from work to accommodate her time constraints, and spent money on an expensive home inspection... All to be told that our offer hadn't been accepted after all? With the heavy implication that this is due to her having taken offense at being called out on a digitally altered photograph?

I can't begin to adequately express how devastated I am by her unprofessional and misleading manner. I have filed a Preliminary Statement of Complaint with the NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services, and will also follow up with the Better Business Bureau. I can only hope that other people aren't duped by her lies in the future.

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